Trying to get back into the listing habit after weeks of jet lag horror. This is way overdue but maybe you'll learn something fun about me. Inspired by @roaringsoftly.
  1. My name really is Marceline
    And since long before any vampire queens 😡 I was apparently named after this song: (thanks mother!)
  2. I'm not a cartoon but I do look a lot like this.
    I love drawing new avatars of myself.
  3. I joined last year as soon as it went public
    I saw BJ's tweet and immediately realised its potential. It frustrates me endlessly that my hilarious friends who used to love writing lists for their blogs and zines show zero interest in joining. But also I met all you guys ❤️
  4. My mum is Dutch and I have a lot of family there
    Mostly around Zaandam where one of our family windmills still exists.
  5. I've only ever lived in Scotland and I can't see myself ever leaving
    I spent the first half of my life on the north east coast and the second half on the west coast. Despite the terrible weather, I love it here.
  6. I don't like being told what to do
    I left school at 16, as soon as I was legally allowed to. I graduated out of art school early because it was too restrictive. I quit my career in corporate design to work freelance. Being my own boss is the best.
  7. I have five jobs at the moment
    I design and sell cute character goods, I run a popular daily kawaii blog Super Cute Kawaii, I design and build Shopify stores, I build weekly marketing emails for a local company and I self-publish books and zines about Japan and more.
  8. I've had quite a few stupid/interesting jobs
    I have a list about this in my drafts too.
  9. I can play a lot of instruments
    I took exams in cello, piano, violin and tenor recorder as a child. I don't play anything now though I was in a band for a while.
  10. I'm ridiculously short-sighted
    I can see maybe 6 inches clearly. I've been wearing glasses since I was about 10 and would never change to contacts or get lasik.
  11. I'm a total loner
    I live alone and work from home. My family are 5+ hours away. I regularly go on holiday by myself. I moved to my current town knowing no-one and still only really speak to the postman and my leasing agent. But I'm seriously never lonely!
  12. I mostly list about Japan, books, TV, my home, travel, space and stuff I've made.
  13. Hurray for!