Too much excitement for a lifelong space nerd. It's at the London Science Museum until March so just go already.
  1. The actual Vostok capsule used by Tereshkova
    Things that have actually been in space are so thrilling
  2. The first capsule for 3 people
    Instant claustrophobia
  3. Valentina Tereshkova's beautifully embroidered space suit
    This made me once again kind of want to go back to university and research the women who sewed up all the space suits. There was a snippet of footage of women sewing space suits out of Mylar in an Apollo doc once and I was like TELL ME THAT STORY!
  4. Unused Lunar lander
    So enormous and alien compared to the LEM.
  5. An engineering copy of Sputnik
    They also had the BEEP BEEP BEEP sound playing. So cool.
  6. Sputnik 3, looking like a Dalek made from the contents of someone's cutlery drawer
    One of the many reasons I love the early years of the space program.
  7. Full size model of Laika in her little spacesuit and capsule
  8. The greatest portrait painting of Korolev
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    And despite a whole wall of art prints, not available in the shop 🙁
  9. Alexei Leonov's tin of coloured pencils
    All tied together with string so as not to to float off.
  10. Original drawings by Tsiolkovsky and Korolev
  11. So much awesome poster art
    Sorry Americans, Soviet space design is the greatest.
  12. Replica Soyuz jackets
    Someone give me £100
  13. Notebooks made from recycled Russian library books
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    I think I bought the best one.
  14. A whole wall of space suits for all events
  15. Hand-painted space-themed matryoshka dolls
  16. One of the Yuri Gagarin-faced test dummies
  17. Cosmonaut space food
    Not looking very appetising
  18. Space cupcakes
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    In a tin, in the cafe. I'm not joking. (It was actually pretty good)