I'm sorry my parents gave me the same name as your favourite cartoon character decades before it existed! I'm the worst.
  1. You're a fake Marceline! I'm reporting you to Twitter.
    Good luck with that.
  2. I LOVE YOU MARCELINE! Followed by a torrent of violent abuse.
    I realise that first tweet was embarrassing but how many people really saw it? Couldn't you just have deleted it and moved on?
  3. Go to hell you copycat
  4. You don't use your account enough. My friend deserves it more!
    I didn't realise Tumblr had a minimum posting rule.
  5. If you give me your username I'll buy you one of those t-shirts you reblogged recently.
    So, like $20 then? How can I possibly resist?
  6. And not a message but this is how beaten down I am after years of this...
    I recently saw someone in the street with an Adventure Time bag and I unconsciously turned away from them and hid my face like I thought they would see what my name was and hassle me 😔