Some people just can't help themselves. Obviously none of these happened on because you're all delightful.
  1. Add 'helpful' corrections to their photo captions
    That are actually completely wrong
  2. Ask 'where's this?' Or beg lengthily for information like it's a secret goldmine
    When the location is tagged
  3. Ask questions about the trip and when referred to previously posted information, say you don't have time to read that
    And then just make wrong assumptions and ask more questions about things they won't be doing.
  4. Go on about how lucky they are
    True, but maybe they saved up for SIX YEARS.
  5. Ask whether something in a shop could be bought online
    Have you met my friend Google?
  6. Refuse to look at anything off Facebook
    And instead just leave comments and questions and well wishes on a relative's Facebook post about you that you won't even see.
  7. Send multiple emails asking urgently for detailed trip advice
    When that trip is months away
  8. Make unsolicited suggestions of places they should visit or services they should use
    That are in every single guide ever written.
  9. Please add yours to cheer me up!