I started doing this a few years ago for social media. It's fun, it's recognisably me and it's "on-brand" (I'm a kawaii illustrator/blogger)
  1. I changed to me as a snowman on here!
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    I love snow! It doesn't snow here much any more ⛄️🙁
  2. This is my official one that's on my website and stuff
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    I sometimes wear that top to meetings with new clients so they'll recognise me.
  3. This is an early one. It was super cold that winter.
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  4. When I got really bad sunburn
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  5. It rains a lot around here
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  6. Wearing my cool red sunglasses
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  7. I bought this pom-pom hat in Tokyo. It's amazing.
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  8. As a Lego spaceman!
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    This was originally for my new address card.
  9. Orange hat
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    This was inspired by the fruit hats in Animal Crossing.
  10. Bunny hat
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  11. Polar bear hat
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  12. And my favourite...
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