Who else loves the ballet? These are all Scottish Ballet productions in Glasgow unless otherwise stated.
  1. Swan Lake, 2016
    Just last night! This was really beautiful but also very minimalist, especially the staging. I still want to see a more classic production sometime. Worth it just for the Tchaikovsky score.
  2. Hansel and Gretel, 2013
    My favourite part was changing the setting so that Hansel and Gretel lived in a 1950s Glasgow tenement.
  3. The Nutcracker, 2012
    Possibly the most traditionally styled production they've done since I started going. The music!
  4. Sleeping Beauty, 2011
    I think I actually saw this twice in different years. It was baffling without the programme synopsis. Red Riding Hood is in it and Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger on a cactus. Sure, why not.
  5. Alice, 2011
    This was really well done for a small company but sadly completely overshadowed by the Royal Ballet's production in Covent Garden the same year. That might be my favourite ballet ever, though I saw it on TV. See if you can watch it online. The red queen is awesome.
  6. The Most Incredible Thing, 2011 (Sadlers Wells, London)
    Scored by the Pet Shop Boys, but you'd never really guess as it's a real proper ballet. The only pop moment is, brilliantly, when the king sends the princess to her room and she dances to pop music in front of her poster-clad walls. It's based on a Hans Christian Anderson story, which they tweaked into a kind of modern day X-Factor talent contest.
  7. Cinderella, 2010
    I remember this being wonderfully over the top with neon tutus and a Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette style.
  8. I also saw The Nutcracker when I was in primary school but I don't remember much about it.