1. IKEA foldable bike
    I didn't have a bike for years as I lived on the top floor with no garden, then I met a client with a foldable IKEA bike (they were gifts to staff one Christmas). I tasked my mum with finding me something similar and she actually found an IKEA one! It's still pretty heavy but I used it a lot until I got nerve damage in my hand. Now I'm only one floor up so hopefully I can get back on it soon. It gets a LOT of comments (even without the cat)
  2. My mum's old bike
    It was orange with a purple wicker basket and back-pedal brakes. I much prefer back-pedal brakes and wish they were more of a thing here. This bike was so cool I forgive it for being involved in two of my three scars (plus a near-concussion when I fell off the back as a toddler). I'm sad to say that no photos seem to exist.
  3. This one that I don't remember but there are a lot of photos of it and I look really happy?
    I'm on the right. That is my childhood home behind us - we did basically live in a castle, though in the least castley part round the back.
  4. BMX
    Very similar to this one! I got this after the Dutch bike and over compensated as it was a bit too small for me. It was great for exploring until it rusted to bits in my landlord's leaky shed over the winter.
  5. Dutch bike
    Like this one but a proper really cheap one with back-pedal brakes. I got it for cycling the four miles to art school and back but it was way too big for me. It's a miracle I didn't have a major accident, especially because the buses used to tailgate us up the steep hill.