Birthday Trip to Edinburgh 🎉

It's my birthday tomorrow so I'm having an overnight visit to Edinburgh. Hoping the existence of this list will remind me to take photos.
  1. I arrived at lunchtime because off-peak train tickets and it's super warm and sunny after days of snow and hail and rain.
    Even the Scott monument doesn't look entirely terrifying.
  2. Dropped my bag at my very patriotic hotel
    It's not actually called this anymore
  3. Lunch!
    I really wanted the steamed bun but they were out so I just had gyoza and Thai fries.
  4. Shopping!
    Never change, Anthropologie 😐
  5. I nearly bought this bunny bag but it's a rucksack so I wouldn't use it.
  6. Worked my way back round and had a break in Princes Street Gardens
    This looks so artistically composed but was literally the view from behind my bench.
  7. Checked into my hotel
    It needs a list of its own. The walls are made of books and the lamps are made of typewriters!
  8. How can they provide free jelly tots (and Tunnocks tea cakes in the fridge!) but have the worst type of coffee?
  9. Walked up Calton Hill
    I haven't been up for years. It has a very random collection of monuments
  10. And amazing views over Edinburgh
    This is towards the Firth of Forth
  11. Nelson's monument
    You can go up it at certain times.
  12. Princes Street
  13. Edinburgh Castle
  14. Met my dad and his partner (that always sounds so impersonal - she's awesome) for a drink
    They arranged their IKEA trip to coincide with me ❤
  15. Tapas!
    We had a deal through the site I work for so got to order far too much. It was all pretty great.
  16. Birthday churros!
    There really aren't enough churros in my life
  17. Weird to wake up with no cards or presents but I'll get them later. I had the Swiss breakfast, which was potato rosti with cheese, ham and egg. So good!
  18. Went to the National Portrait Gallery
    It's such a beautiful building and there were two good exhibitions
  19. My dad turned up too so we had cake
    Pistachio, raspberry and lemon polenta cake!
  20. Dropped off some of my products at Hannah Zakari, my friend's lovely shop
    I bought these pins for myself 😍
  21. Now I'm on the train home to open my presents!