Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Bedside table
    Maps, manga, Kindle
  2. Bedroom
    Very wonky old bookcase I should replace. These are old favourites and books I'm planning on reading sometime.
  3. Rainbow Rowell shrine
    Basically. Also a million Ai Yazawa manga. They are both amazing storytellers.
  4. Sideboard
    Japan trip planning!
  5. Living room
    Fantasy, space, travel, gigantic Alpacasso (I was sent it to review!) (I love it ❤️)
  6. The rest of that bookshelf
    Japan, comics, zines, art stuff.
  7. Display shelf
    1920s pictorial encyclopaedia. My friend Deth found this when he was visiting Glasgow but it was too expensive to ship home so I saved it. So much amazing stuff in here!
  8. Sewing table
    Sewing and drawing books I am supposedly using just now.
  9. Kitchen
    I don't really use cook books.
  10. Studio
    Art and craft books
  11. There are no books in the hallway or bathroom. Or my shed. That feels like an achievement somehow.