This is my thing when I travel. All photos by me.
  1. Glasgow, Scotland
    I used to have to walk through here twice a day to get to work and grew to love every corner, especially the Chronological Border.
  2. Oxford, England
    Really pretty and home to Lyra and Will's bench 💔
  3. Kyoto, Japan
    I went here on my birthday. There were camphor trees like in Totoro and a bonsai exhibition and a frog fountain and some early blossom! 🌸
  4. Birmingham, England
    I don't remember much about this one except it had an aviary and a bandstand.
  5. Edinburgh, Scotland
    I've barely been round this despite frequent visits to Edinburgh. Must go back.
  6. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    It has a butterfly house. Also pineapple plants, which I had never seen before. 🍍
  7. Dunoon, Scotland
    Some friends and I booked a stall at a craft fair here purely for the day out. We barely sold anything but ate some amazing cake and I bought the greatest chutney of my life - pear and tomato.
  8. Kew, England
    If you ever have the opportunity, go! It's huge and everything is amazing with so much history.
  9. Belfast, Northern Ireland
    Did I book my hotel because it was right next to the botanic gardens? Maybe. I had my breakfast here every morning.
  10. Brussels, Belgium
    Also next door to my hotel. The statues and fountains were more impressive than the plants but that's okay sometimes.
  11. Aberdeen, Scotland
    Not technically a botanic garden but it has everything you expect and the winter gardens are the best I've ever visited. I hate past me for not spending all my spare time here when I was at art school in Aberdeen. You idiot.