Inspired by @amieshmamie. I've been at home all day, it's leftovers day and I'm still sick and everything tastes bad. Don't judge me!
  1. Breakfast
    Peanut butter on toast, decaf tea, cold medicine
  2. Elevenses (actually at 11am on the dot - British internal alarm clock)
    Orange juice and cheesy biscuits
  3. Lunch
    Use-by-today garlic ciabatta with some goats cheese on top, mint KitKat, more orange juice, decaf coffee.
  4. Dinner
    I ate some vegetables! Teriyaki chicken noodles. The light in my kitchen is so bad at night I had to take this to my product photography setup 🙃 Those studio lights were worth the money!
  5. I could be extra British as there's sticky toffee pudding in the fridge but I don't think I want it today.
  6. TV snack