@Veronique wondered how we're all feeling here in the UK on referendum eve. Not great!
  1. If you're all Brex-what? Tomorrow the UK votes on whether to remain in the EU or leave
  2. The polls are currently too close to call and both sides are panicking
  3. The whole campaign has been full of scaremongering and lies and everyone just wants it to be over
    The only people who wanted it in the first place are a load of racist old white male Tories and the tabloid newspapers who both like blaming everyone else for problems they helped create.
  4. A member of parliament, Jo Cox, was murdered last week by a Nazi sympathiser
    And yet we're still going ahead with this because clearly there could be no connection.
  5. Even being on the sensible Remain side brings little joy
    I keep shouting SHUT UP whenever David Cameron is on the news and then remembering we're technically on the same side here.
  6. Everyone I know is really really anxious about the result and filled with dread
  7. Here in Scotland, there's the possibility that we'll vote to Remain but Leave will win overall
    And then we'll be demanding another independence referendum so we can stay in the EU. And so it continues.
    We gain so much by being part of Europe.
  9. Static
  10. Fingers crossed 😣