We are having a surprisingly fun time! (Though trying not to think about all the Christmas food in the fridge/freezer)
  1. Compare iPhone torch brightness
    Mine is blindingly bright
  2. Light all the candles
  3. Open the emergency first aid kit
    It turns into a torch! Otherwise just contained bandages and hopefully we won't need those.
  4. Go outside and discuss horror stories with the neighbours
    Someone's Sky box exploded!
  5. Tell everyone on the internet
  6. Get out all the Christmas snacks
  7. Pour yourself a drink
  8. Be grateful for all the battery operated Christmas lights
  9. Play Scrabble
    I won! I never win!
  10. Stand at the window and watch the electricity guys digging a massive hole in the pavement
    It's better than TV!
  11. Probably just going to go to bed now
  12. Merry Christmas! 🎄