Cute things I've made recently

Sorry for not listing much! If in doubt, post cute pictures.
  1. This Pancake card for a tutorial
  2. A bunch of sticker sheets
  3. These printable Onigiri notelets
    I designed them for my surprise boxes last year and now it's a PDF for everyone 🍙🍙🍙
  4. New rubber stamps
    By popular demand (1 person asked)
  5. This digital watercolour painting
    Still loving my new iPad.
  6. Donuts 🍩
    Also drawn on the iPad but with pencils
  7. Cutie Fruity watercolours
    I want to squish their fat little faces 💚💛❤️
  8. I made the fruit and donuts into repeat patterns too because I love making patterns
  9. And now I'm working on something very exciting and secret 🤐