I hardly ever go any more since it now takes twice as long and costs twice as much, but it's always fun when I do.
  1. I was greeted by cute Pluto on leaving the station
    It's the Science Festival and there was lots of sciencey stuff all over town.
  2. Looking for food near the university
    Edinburgh is definitely the prettiest city in Scotland, though my heart belongs to Glasgow.
  3. I ate a very photogenic cinnamon bun!
    At Söderberg, a Swedish cafe
  4. I'd never been to this new Quartermile area before. Some new buildings and some sad falling apart buildings
  5. Visited Hannah Zakari
    If you're ever in Edinburgh, you have to visit this shop. It's the cutest. Look at that window display! 🌵
  6. I was dropping off more stock
    Look, it's me and @boygirlparty 😄
  7. I popped into the National Museum of Scotland to see the Lego exhibition
    They're building the museum out of Lego, inception style
  8. The rest was great too
    Here's an Edinburgh tenement building and Buckingham Palace
  9. I looked in all the nice shops we don't have on the west coast
    Never change, Anthropologie
  10. And then it started raining so I got the train home
  11. Loving my new Awful pin from HZ
    Especially on my Liberty print hoodie