Since my schedule is a bit different to most people. This seemed more interesting before I wrote it but free the drafts!
  1. Friday
    My only day with no regular scheduled tasks so most likely choice for a day out or for doing non-work things.
  2. Saturday
    People in my town get up early on Saturdays and it's rubbed off on me. I write my Saturday blog posts, go for a wander, maybe there's something on in the square then lunch and work on something in front of endless Columbo repeats on the TV.
  3. Thursday
    Quieter shipping day so I'm usually done around lunchtime and then technically it's the weekend! (Except I've probably been neglecting important tasks the last couple of days)
  4. Monday
    Big shipping day so sometimes not done until late afternoon. But still more fun than most peoples' Mondays.
  5. Tuesday
    My Monday as I have to work all day to someone else's schedule but I also seem to get a lot of mail on Tuesdays because I order at the weekend.
  6. Wednesday
    Second day working all day for my p/t freelance job. Have to remember to put the bins out at night 😒
  7. Sunday
    House cleaning day + no mail 😫 Also when I look at my blog calendar and realise how many posts I still have to write for the coming week.