For my own reference because I had to give up caffeine 10 years ago and it's still an unending torment trying to find something for everyday that is anywhere near as good as real coffee. Let me know if you have any suggestions - I'm getting a new stovetop moka for my birthday.
  1. Rombouts one cup filters
    Quite decent, though presumably horrendous for the environment so I don't get it very often.
  2. M&S / Waitrose own brand one cup filters
    Slightly worse than above but easier to get hold of
  3. Kenco Millicano "Caff Free" 🙄
    Fine. As good as any instant real coffee I've had. This is what I mostly drink.
  4. Starbucks Via
    I used to quite like this for travel but then I went right off it.
  5. Taylors coffee bags (why Decaffé when it's a Yorkshire company?!?)
    Grim. Turns out there's a very good reason we make tea with bags and not coffee. Shame as they are a nice portable size.
  6. Nescafé
    NOPE. As found in every budget hotel. I once asked at the hot drinks counter (with actual coffee machine) at an airport if they had decaf and she said YES and then rummaged around and brought out one of these 😑