Dunnottar Castle

Our second Winter Walk (and the last one for a while as I promptly got a cold and came home to hibernate)
  1. Dunnottar Castle is a ruined medieval fortress near Aberdeen
    It's out on the edge of steep cliffs by the sea and pretty epic looking
  2. To get there you have to go down hundreds of steps and then climb up loads more steps
  3. Not the easiest climb!
  4. Once you get on top of the cliff there are ruins everywhere, mostly dating from the 14th - 16th centuries
  5. The views from the windows are pretty amazing
  6. That's the war memorial up there
  7. As are the layers of ruins through ruins
  8. The Smithy
  9. Stables
  10. We got a bit lost on the way out but found the actual Lion's Den and this beautiful panorama
  11. And then it was back up all the stairs
    We were hoping for pretty sunset photos but the cliffs face east
  12. Definitely worth visiting!