I used to think my name was unique and interesting until I opened a gmail account and was introduced to all these idiots.
  1. Information on an audition for Person of Interest
  2. A job interview at a major investment bank in London
  3. Order for two of the most hideous dresses I have ever seen
  4. Order of "magickal" crystals from Etsy
  5. An entire season of tickets to the Phoenix symphony orchestra
  6. Two plane tickets to Vegas
  7. Welcome to MySpace
    In 2015! Are you kidding me?
  8. A really depressing series of job alerts for low paying cleaning jobs
  9. To be continued, I'm sure...
  10. An e-ticket to Spectre at a cinema in Paris
  11. Water bill from the city of Burlington
  12. Order for $458 of anti aging products
    Worst thing - this is a Marcelline. Get away with your pointless extra L.
  13. Helpful email of tips from American Express about improving your account security
    OH THE IRONY. First tip should be 'don't sign up for a credit card with someone else's email address'
  14. Reminder of an appointment to test drive a 2015 Silver Rav4 in Airmont, NY
  15. Booking for an overnight stay at a Detroit airport hotel
  16. 5 tickets to Star Wars: The Force Awakens in NYC
  17. Email from Australian debt collectors about unpaid phone bill of $761.49 😕