Inspired by @alys
  1. Zips from zipit - 10%
    You recently bought zips. Why not buy MORE ZIPS in every length available! This was 50% of the suggestions. I highly recommend this seller though, if you need zips.
  2. Bunnies and birthday cake print by kathrynselbert - 90%
    OMG! 😍 It's my birthday on Friday and I love bunnies and cake. Only thing stopping me buying it is that I try not to buy digital prints any more.
  3. Cat phone plug charm by momomints - 20%
    It's adorable but obviously I would get one of her bunnies instead.
  4. Pug purse by kaeselotti - 10%
    So cute but I'm not a dog person.
  5. Strawberry Bunny print by twoblackcatsstudio - 40%
    More bunnies and food. Looking at this would make me scared to eat strawberries though in case there was a tiny bunny inside 😧
  6. Hand painted cat cup by studiomew - 100%
    Look at its face! This has gone straight on my wish list.
  7. Party unicorn brooch by danadamki - 70%
    Dana is great (check her illustrated zines) and who doesn't need a party unicorn?
  8. Golden sloth necklace by yellowtreestore - 10%
    This is amazing! But I never wear the necklaces I already own.
  9. Space pocket mirror by emandsprout - 40%
    If I needed a pocket mirror, this would definitely be a possibility.
  10. Origami Rabbit mirror case by hanaletters - 50%
    So pretty! Etsy really thinks I need a pocket mirror. What are you saying?!
  11. Bunnies, food, space. Sounds about right.