(according to things in my home). This was such a tough request @Veronique - I hope you like it!
  1. Space Shuttles
    I got into space stuff during the 80s and the space shuttle is still everything to me. I'm currently saving to go to the US so I can finally see one with my own eyes.
  2. Arecibo message
    I have been obsessed with this since I saw it in a book as a kid. It was sent into space to tell any aliens all about Earth. Look it up! I made one out of perler beads because that's the sort of thing I do.
  3. The Solar System
    The universe is too ginormous for my brain to deal with. I'm still happy hanging out with my old friends.
  4. Saturn
    Is there anything more beautiful than Saturn? Is there anything more amazing than this doormat I designed?
  5. Planets
    I love that they all have their own individual astounding features and personalities. I thought about this too much when designing this pattern. Yes, Neptune does have a trident. He needs it to keep Pluto out of his orbit.
  6. The Moon
    It doesn't surprise me that humans worshipped the Moon. It's more surprising that we manage to do anything other than stare at the full Moon. Also a bunny lives there (I love bunnies!)
  7. Exploration
    I'm so grateful to live in a time where space probes basically email us amazing photos from billions of miles away.
  8. Hubble
    We also live in a time when humans built a space telescope to look back in time and photograph other galaxies. It was a pretty good idea.
  9. Rockets
    My main disappointment with space travel is that it doesn't look as cool as rockets and spaceships were supposed to. Tintin's rocket is still the ideal for me.
  10. Adventures
    The Apollo missions are some of the greatest stories that exist, and they're all true! A Man on the Moon is one of my favourite books ever. The HBO series is excellent too. I should do a list.
  11. Design
    50s space design is my favourite - so iconic! I bought these purely for the covers and even recreated the one on the left so I could hang it on my wall.
  12. Technology
    I love that the reality of building space ships is cobbling together whatever works and not the sleek and shiny stuff of sci-fi movies. 80s space guy still gets the job done.
  13. Physics
    I am terrible at maths so a career in space science was never a possibility. I still took some physics modules in college because it all blows my mind.
  14. Imagination
    All those awesome books, films, TV shows and character designs inspired by space. Especially Futurama.
  15. Dreams
    Who doesn't dream of being in space? I always wanted to be an astronaut but all I have is a mini-me with a Lego space shuttle.