1. Alphabear (iPhone)
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    Super fun word game with cute bears. The best part is these shareable mottos they come up with using some of the words you played.
  2. Animal Crossing New Leaf (DS)
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    Still playing this most days after 2.5 years and completing the museum etc. I won't give up until either Tangy moves into my town (she's a cat with an orange for a head) or they release a new game.
  3. Picross e5 (DS)
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    The first DS game is the best but I'm glad Nintendo keep releasing these extra digital instalments, even if the puzzle solutions never look like anything recognisable anymore. IS THERE A NEW ONE OUT YET?
  4. Neko Atsume (iPhone)
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    Exactly what I needed for my stressed out brain this winter. Look at cats, take pictures of cats, give cats silly names, watch cats in snow, try and get special cats. CATS.
  5. Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer (DS)
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    What's not to like about obsessively rearranging furniture in weirdly specific themes for animals? Plus you get to design shops and restaurants and a concert hall and see your villagers using them and wandering around eating donuts.