I still don't really 'get' streaming music so this is all stuff I bought.
  1. Capsule - Wave Runner
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    I love all eras of Capsule's genre-hopping career but this album is a bit generic. I still enjoyed it a lot but I'm hoping Nakata has some more interesting stuff planned for all his musical projects in 2016.
  2. Belle and Sebastian - Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance
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    I'm in two minds about this one. There are some brilliant songs but also a lot of it sounds too similar and my brain switches off.
  3. Annie / Richard X - Endless Vacation
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    Annie and Richard X together is always a good thing and this EP didn't disappoint.
  4. Perfume - Relax in the City
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    More Nakata laziness in the a-side but The other 2 songs are amazing. The occasional glitchy off beats in Toumei Ningen kill me. Seeing Perfume do one of their crazy light show stadium shows is way up top on my bucket list.
  5. Errors - Lease of Life
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    One of my favourite bands and timed perfectly as an excellent birthday present, especially as I was about to take a train up the west coast to Inverness. Errors are so Scottish and a backdrop of the Cairngorms is exactly what you need while listening to this. I was initially dubious about the addition of vocals but this might be their best album yet.