Fun stuff I got in the mail 📦

I'm making this into a rolling list so I can look back on it during post droughts.
  1. Cute Fuzzballs stuff to review on my website
    The mug says 'cookies are evil and must be eaten' on the other side.
  2. Planet coin purses
    My mum has been busy sewing for me.
  3. Birthday surprise parcel from one of my best friends
    Including this super cute bunny water bottle! (yes, my birthday was 6 weeks ago. We are always amusingly late swapping gifts.)
  4. New packaging
    They turned out perfectly 😍
  5. Fancy new carry on suitcase 💙
    For my London trip, which is still ages away, but it's good to be prepared.
  6. More copies of my book
    Self published but it's a real full colour paperback with my writing, photos and illustrations. The ebook is really cheap on Amazon/iBooks etc.
  7. New favourite pin!
    My enamel pin display frame is full now so I need to either stop buying pins or make a bigger one (the latter, obviously)
  8. That was a very long mail drought!
    Some people might say no one needs four different copies of Carry On, but they're WRONG. (list prompt: books you own multiple copies of. Will read)
  9. My new brooches!
    Staying a surprise for now but I promise they're cute.
  10. Nintendo x Uniqlo tees
    AMAZING 👻👻👻
  11. Forgetting to update this: the surprise above were my new wooden brooches!
  12. My new enamel pins and packaging
    The courier brought them on a bank holiday Sunday! Unheard of!
  13. Sumikko Gurashi coin pouches from Japan
    I gave the 🐙 to my sister and kept the 🍙
  14. Also grumpy Rilakkuma 😠
    I love him