Thanks for the request @solena!
  1. Cute mascots for everything
    What's this? Oh just the official mascot of the police!
  2. Random English text on packaging
    You usually have to read it a few times to figure out what they mean. This is a bottle of water I bought at the airport.
  3. Transport advice signs
    You are constantly reminded to be thoughtful on public transport in hundreds of ways.
  4. Sleeping on trains
    Everyone snoozes on trains, at all times of the day, however short the journey, from business men to schoolgirls. I've had little old grannies fall asleep on my shoulder more than once. The corner seats are much coveted for this reason. (not my photo!)
  5. Train station melodies
    Each station has its own little jingles, which is great if you can't see the signs or are sleeping. However some are literally popular nursery rhymes and you start expecting an ice cream van to arrive next. (Is this a CD of train jingles!?!)
  6. People bowing to machines
    It's reflexive but still amusing. I have caught myself bowing to the automated elevator voice. It's just so polite!
  7. Animals apologising
    Rather than notices from the management at zoos etc., quite often the animal itself will take responsibility. This bunny is sorry it's gone to bed so you can't pet it.
  8. Inanimate objects with feelings
    Via my new favourite Twitter