Here's some things I would love to get. But mostly I just like getting mail so anything is awesome. Thank you Santa @DawnCloud too!
  1. Local stuff
    I'd love a little piece of your home town/region
  2. Something you made
    Even just a card or letter
  3. Snacks, candy, cookies etc.
    Especially stuff we don't get in the UK. Some favourite flavours are citrus, chocolate, coconut, mint, peanut butter
  4. Interesting craft kits
    I guarantee I will complete it, eventually
  5. Cute stationery
    Stickers, notebooks, pens etc.
  6. And if you're really stuck or run out of time, I have wish lists
  7. Bonus! If you don't currently follow me, here's what I'm all about: ALLOW ME TO LISTRODUCE™ MYSELF 📂☀️
  8. Thank you! I'm so excited! ☃️☃️☃️