AKA New Year's Eve. It's such a big thing in Scotland that we get an extra public holiday on the 2nd to get over it. Here's what we're up to.
  1. Ate S'mores Pop Tarts for breakfast
    My sister is visiting so we're eating as many fun foods as we can find. These are quite nice.
  2. Started my domain transfer and set 8000 image files to upload
    I'm moving my most popular/successful website to new hosting over the holidays. IT'S STRESSFUL.
  3. Went into Glasgow to wander around the shops
    I bought this wreath in the sale and a new pizza baking tray.
  4. Had Mexican for lunch and caught another Christmas Pikachu
    And a Charmander!
  5. Checked out this kawaii / anime store
    Giant Totoro!
  6. Went to see Rogue One at the IMAX
    Finally! The Force Awakens was awesome but this felt more like a real Star Wars film. I need to see it again.
  7. Discovered all the trains home were cancelled due to problems with the overhead lines 😧
    And it was pouring with rain 😩
  8. Got a bus to the edge of Glasgow where we could get another bus to my town
    And watched it overtake us while the bus driver was stopped chatting to his replacement 😩😩😩
  9. Miraculously it was still waiting when we arrived!
    It was totally packed and we were the second last people allowed on. It took forever but at least we got home.
  10. Cooked a lot of mini finger foods
    Chicken katsu kievs! Mini bean burritos! Tiny toasties! Macaroni cheese bites! I had mini beef wellingtons too but I forgot to defrost them.
  11. Caught up on Christmas Doctor Who
    Pretty good, kind of silly, not very festive.
  12. Ate some ridiculous ice cream
    This was my choice. My sister got speculoos!
  13. It's almost 11pm and this is my view
    Half watching Harry Potter and catching up on li.st
  14. Will keep you posted...
  15. It's 11:30 and we're watching/mocking the most Scottish Hogmanay countdown show which is Lorraine Kelly on a boat in Dundee with Judy Murray
    I'm getting the alcohol.
  16. Japanese plum wine and my New Year cups!
    We picked a cup randomly and I got Happiness and my sister has Luckiness. Let's hope that's what 2017 has in store.
  17. Happy New Year!