Since @andersun asked
  1. Amusement with a side of schadenfreude
    That Theresa May gambled her majority government with a fixed term until 2020 and an enormous poll lead and it all blew up in her face. I haven't enjoyed an election night so much since 1997 (Blair's Labour landslide)
  2. Happiness
    That people ignored the media's hate campaign against Jeremy Corbyn and voted for socialist policies in large numbers.
  3. Pride
    For all the 18-24 year olds who came out and turned the whole thing around. Angry politicised youth is exactly what we need right now.
  4. Shame
    For Scotland who turned back to the Tories after everything they've done to us. Have we really forgotten the poll tax already? Mind you, this is partly Scottish Labour's fault for distancing themselves from Corbyn and treating us like stupid children during the Scottish independence referendum.
  5. Relief
    That my constituency scraped a hold for the SNP and didn't let the Tories in. I wish I could have gone back to voting Labour but they didn't even campaign here and came a dismal fourth (of 4)
  6. Anger
    That May is hanging on and propping up her minority government with a bunch of reactionary bigots who oppose abortion and gay rights. I used to live in a very sectarian area of Glasgow and I never despised a group of people more, marching every week in their stupid regalia, proud of their bigotry. 😡😡😡
  7. Hope
    That at least there is no mandate for a hard Brexit and the Tory infighting might ruin their chances in the next election.
  8. Exhaustion
    I stayed up until 12:30, checked the results briefly at 3am, got up for an hour at 5am to enjoy the lolz and then got up properly at 9am 😴
  9. Discomfort
    I have a very bloodshot eye, which the optician diagnosed as episcleritis, a swelling and inflammation of the eyeball 🤢 It's not too bad now but she peeled my eyelid right back to look at my eyeball and it was so grim!
  10. Bonus! My pal Neil was live cartooning the election at the BBC and you can see all his drawings here: