How to live life the Delgatie Castle way

This is my new plan for the future
  1. Find a picturesque location to live in
    First impressions count!
  2. Add some picturesque out buildings
    A water mill, an ice house, that sort of thing.
  3. Surround yourself with wildflowers
  4. If you can't afford to look smart, look picturesque
    The more flowers there are, the less anyone will notice anything else
  5. Get a herd of Li'l Sebastians
  6. Friendly ones
  7. Put some unicorns at the front door
    Also a suit of armour made of silver painted plant pots
  8. In fact, put statues everywhere
  9. Have some proverbs painted on the ceiling
    Preferably by Victorians
  10. Decorate with your favourite things
    e.g. grand piano, several portraits of royalty (including your house guest Mary, Queen of Scots), a fender gifted to you by the Czar of Russia, many four poster beds, lots of Spode dinnerware.
  11. Pile up old books on every surface
    One is England and Wales: to Illustrate the Military Condition
  12. Don't forget an incongruous collection of doll houses from ye olde times up until the 1970s
  13. Did I mention cake yet?
  14. 🏆