Hyper Japan Highlights

I went to Hyper Japan in London for the first time earlier this month and it was so much fun! It's a big Japanese culture and kawaii event.
  1. I was a VIP 🌟
    It was just supposed to be a press pass but this made us seem much cooler.
  2. Harajuku fashion show with Kurebayashi
    She's a Japanese model/singer/artist and put together outfits for all different fashion styles that are popular in Japan. Everyone was so kawaii.
  3. I got a pin of her too
  4. DJ DOMO!!
    I love Domo-kun (the mascot for a Japanese TV channel). He did a set in his new DJ DOMO persona and it was honestly the greatest thing.
  5. We got to meet him too
    So many cute shops and stalls
  7. Too many cute plushies
  8. Pandas 🐼
  9. I got to meet up with a lot of makers I've known online for years
    This is inki-Drop - she's adorable and I need a mint chocoturtle
  10. Some things I bought:
    It's a bubble tea tapioca ball dressed as a bumblebee, obviously.
  11. Snacks!
    Raspberry KitKats and chocolate Pocky
  12. More enamel pins
  13. Hopefully I can go back sometime. It's on every July and November if you're in London.
    More of our photos and stuff at SCK: http://www.supercutekawaii.com/category/events/