If you're planning a trip to Japan, go order one of these now!
  1. It's a personal wifi hub that you can rent for personal wifi access
  2. You can use it with multiple devices so great if you're bringing a phone, laptop, kindle etc.
  3. It works almost everywhere
    I was posting photos while on the subway. You might have trouble in very rural areas.
  4. It's really fast
    So much better than shared hotel wifi
  5. It's small and light so you can carry it around everywhere
    Google maps on the go!
  6. It also comes with a padded case
  7. It arrived fully charged and took literally seconds to set up
    The charge lasts all day too.
  8. You can order online and it will be waiting at your hotel
    I got mine from www.japan-rail-pass.com (not visible on mobile site, what?) but lots of sites have them.
  9. You can also collect or rent at the airport
  10. It's not super cheap but I think it's good value
    Mine was £77/$112 for 3 weeks and definitely worth it so far.
  11. It comes with a return envelope so you just pop it in a post box on your last day
  12. I love the future!