Yay! ✈️⛩🚅🇯🇵
  1. In May, for three weeks!
  2. As you can tell, I am quite excited!
  3. I've been three times before 😁
  4. So I'm not really looking for tips
  5. Though I'd still love to hear any personal recs
  6. I would especially like any ideas about craft workshops, art classes, creative meetups etc. If you know of anything?
  7. I'll also be at Design Festa if anyone's going
  8. But I would love to follow more Japan ListAppers
  9. Do you live in Japan? Have you visited? Are you planning a trip? Do you just love Japan?
  10. Then I want to follow you!
  11. Leave a comment!
  12. And tell me who else I should be following
  13. Also if you are planning your own trip and want some tips, feel free to list request me
  14. I wrote a (self-published) book about my other trips too...
    Link in profile etc. 😊
  15. Thank you ❤️