For the last time 😭
  1. Sumikko Gurashi Puzzling Ways
    I've been enjoying this so much! But now I've reached a point where I need more Sumikko skills and I'm not willing to pay real money for them. Oh well, it was a fun few weeks.
  2. Manga Rock app
    This is so great! Free access to scanslations of every Japanese manga I've ever wanted to read.
  3. Astronauts (Do You Have What it Takes?)
    I'm as into this as it is possible to be. I'm totally fascinated by astronaut training and they're getting to do all the real stuff in the actual places with a real astronaut. I screamed a bit when I saw they're going to NEEMO next week for the final. Shame they can't really do this again - the winners get a recommendation letter from Chris Hadfield for the next round of UK astronaut hiring.
  4. Anne with an E
    A bit too pleased with itself for being dark and some of the changes are just silly but I liked it. I hope they get to do the next couple of books too.
  5. The news that Leigh Bardugo is writing a whole new Grishaverse book about Nikolai Lantsov
    Yes please!
  6. Halloween Pusheen
    I got the two pumpkins 🎃
  7. The end of Cassini
    If I'd ever made a best space probes list, it would have been #1
  8. mondomascots on twitter
    Daily updates on the most random Japanese mascots. I've always loved that Japanese snowmen have eyebrows.
  9. M&S blood orange sparkling water
    Probably good I don't get to shop there often or I'd be addicted.
    Always 💔
  11. If you are also still Into It, I have a few badges left
    Message me here quickly or on instagram or twitter if you want one. International postage is annoyingly high for such a tiny thing but if you want to trade me something fun in the mail I am very into that.