It's a Secret Santa Christmas miracle! 🎄☃🎅🏻🎁

  1. This arrived with perfect timing on the last day before I go up north and just as I was finishing my super tedious stock check
  2. Cute stickers!
    The first surprise is that my Secret Santa is also in the UK!
  3. Squee!
    I really appreciate that festive tissue paper was included for the perfect photo backdrop ✨
  4. Japanese treats!
    I am intrigued by Donut Biscuit and will report back.
  5. Korilakkuma gummies!
    It's too cute to open 😭
  6. More cuteness!
    Bunny sticky memos and cat pin badges. You noticed my love of ghosts and bunnies then? 👻🐰👻🐰👻
  7. My favourite: handmade ornaments!
    So pretty 🌟🌟
  8. I've already hung them up on my mantelpiece
    I love that I will be reminded of every Christmas now
  9. And a kawaii Totoro card!
    It also included a lovely letter revealing my Santa to be... @reallybadtiming!
  10. Thank you so much, Mitali ❤❤ It's nice to meet another UK li.ster and I'm off to follow you and read your lists.
  11. Thanks to Head Santa @DawnCloud too. It's been so much fun this year!
  12. Origami Li.stbot approves.
  13. OMG I missed one! An awesome I Like Cats badge 😻
    I was sure I'd spotted an I Like Cats sticker and then thought I must have been hallucinating from excitement. It had fallen down the side of the table...