Happy birthday li.st! Here are some of my memorable moments, in lists
  1. When this happened in my first week of listing: SANRIO CHARACTERS I WOULD BE WILLING TO EAT
    Getting a little bit of recognition from two of my favourite writers made me determined to stick with it and keep being me.
  2. When I received (and fulfilled) my first list request: EVERYTHING I LOVE ABOUT SPACE
    Thank you @Veronique! I was terrified by the pressure but publishing this list was a turning point when I loosened up a little and tried to talk to strangers.
  3. When I excitedly listed about something and no one cared: CHRISTMAS EVE POWER CUT! 🕯🔦
    I guess you were all busy celebrating, but then I thought it wasn't worth listing about the aftermath on Christmas Day and that was stupid. I'm less pathetic now - list because you want to, not for attention.
  4. I really hope someone is going to organise another one. My Santa doesn't list any more but shout out to my gift recipient @e 🎁
  5. When I wrote a list inspired by someone else for the first time: THE FARTHEST I'VE TRAVELED
    Took me three months. I think I was scared of tagging people I didn't know.
  6. When I first got a list featured: BOTANICAL GARDENS I HAVE VISITED 🌳
    I think I had four or five lists featured altogether, which was always thrilling.
  7. When I wrote 20 daily lists from Japan: Japan Trip 2016: Day 1 Highlights
    It was occasionally a little lonely being in Japan all by myself for three weeks but sharing everything with you lot kept me entertained in the evenings.
  8. When I realised that I had made lots of great new friends who like the random things I list about: DECORATING WITH MAPS 🗺 (my most popular list)
    You all know who you are ❤️
  9. When I made it to 💯 (and wrote a very me list): Mugs I own and their roles in life
    I'm not very prolific but I got there.
  10. When I wrote two lists in one night: 15 THINGS I'M GOOD AT & 15 THINGS I'M BAD AT
    I usually miss title waves because I'm in the wrong time zone and only check li.st once a day but that day I threw caution to the wind and got stuck in.
  11. Thanks everyone who ever liked my lists ❤️⭐️
  12. (and if anyone is wondering, I did list on my first day but I deleted some lists when the public website happened)