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Japan Trip 2016: 5 Highlights From Outside Tokyo

Sorry this took ages! I wanted to get all my photos edited and online first. (At if you're interested)
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    I didn't expect to love Miyajima so much but it was one of my top highlights. It's less crowded and touristy than you'd think and so beautiful. The floating torii gate, the shrines, the forest walks, the friendly deer, the crazy long cable car ride and amazing views from the top of Mt Misen. I would definitely go back and maybe even stay overnight.
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    Usagito Cafe
    I love bunnies but I'm too selfish to have pets. This cafe in Nagoya is super cute with lots of friendly bunnies to hang out with. The tiny baby bunny was especially adorable 😍 I also bought one of their trademark bunny ears mugs to take home.
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    Sagano Scenic Railway
    Arashiyama was very crowded and not that impressive but well worth visiting for the scenic railway. It's a delightfully picturesque journey along a turquoise river sitting in an open air wooden train.
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    JAXA Tsukuba Space Center
    Even without getting to see behind the scenes, this was thrilling for a life long space nerd. The exhibitions are free too and include a giant rocket and replica ISS module.
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    Pom Pom Purin Cafe
    There are lots of these now but I went to one in Osaka. The decor was super kawaii and the food was both adorable and tasty.
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    I'm not sure you noticed the drink