I would never have guessed the top 3 before I left. Thanks for the requests @andersun - it was fun looking back.
  1. Koishikawa Korakuen
    I visited a lot of gardens and this was my favourite. It's a good size with so many things to see and the main lake somehow looks perfect, and different, from every angle.
  2. Odaiba at night
    Odaiba is super tacky but I love everything about it. I never expected to enjoy watching a musical light show on a building so much.
  3. Rose display at Shinjuku Gyoen
    My return visit here wasn't any different to the last time until I discovered hundreds of perfect roses in every colour. I nearly wore out my camera.
  4. Sky Tree
    I've been to quite a few Tokyo observatories but the views here are something else. It's definitely worth the extra to go to the quieter top floor and look for all the places you've been.
  5. Kiddyland
    Has to be included as I visited a Kiddyland-owned store at least ten times in three weeks. You always spot something new and adorably cute.