I'm finally here!! I haven't slept for 36 hours! Everything is amazing!
  1. Got some unbelievable views of Mt Fuji floating above the clouds as we came in to land
  2. Found some apple Qoo in the first bunch of vending machines I saw.
  3. My cheapo apart-hotel is actually super nice
    It has tatami and some kind of motion sensor night light plus there's free noodles every evening 🍜
  4. My Pocket Wifi was waiting for me and is the greatest thing ever
    5 seconds to set up and now I have the internet on my phone, laptop etc. everywhere I go!
  5. First stop: Shibuya!
    Still completely crazy ❤️🌙
  6. "I'll just have a quick look around Loft"
    Two hours later and I was still trying to decide which hand towel to buy. (I got the polar bear)
  7. Fell kind of hard for these characters
  8. Also bunny and cat fans
  9. The ticket gate ate my ticket and had a paper jam
    The machinery in there is about fifty times more complex than I would have guessed. It was fascinating.
  10. Konbini treats! Orange Pocky and Lime Fanta
    Amazing. Going back for ice cream Pocky soon
  11. Design Festa tomorrow!