1. First stop was Umeda Sky Building to see the view
    You get a full 360 view from the outside observatory.
  2. Found a huge row of gashapon
    Yes I'm happy now
  3. Lunch at the Pom Pom Purin Cafe
    It was a tough choice between this and the Gudetama cafe, but I heard the food is better here.
  4. It was SO CUTE and actually really tasty too.
    Chicken coconut curry and mango soda. I just realised I left my free coaster behind 😥
  5. Collected lots of new stamps
    Funassyi is a weird regional mascot and Kanahei are new LINE characters who had a special pop-up event happening.
  6. I was so sleepy but I forced myself to go and see Osaka Castle
    We skipped it last time as I was too tired then too. I didn't go in - I sat in the park and read in the sunshine.
  7. Discovered the supermarket next to the hotel sells fresh tempura
  8. Early night tonight as I'm off to Kyoto and Arashiyama tomorrow