1. Took the train over to Arashiyama
    "a nationally designated Historic Site and Place of Scenic Beauty" near Kyoto
  2. Wandered around Tenryu-ji temple
  3. And the beautiful garden
  4. Spent a while trying to photograph this butterfly
    It was so fast
  5. Was underwhelmed by the famous bamboo grove
    It's very small and mobbed with tourists. Still pretty though!
  6. Attempted to visit Gioji, the moss garden
    But it was way too hot for me to walk that far so I gave up half way. We don't get this sort of weather back in Scotland!
  7. Went on the Sagano Romantic Train
    Possibly more romantic if you're not traveling solo
  8. The views were amazing!
    Definitely the highlight of my day
  9. Back in Kyoto, I looked for my favourite bunny shop
    But it's gone! 😭
  10. Took the Shinkansen home to Osaka
    Such a luxury. I didn't even have time to open my book.
  11. Bought what looked like a roll filled with cheese and bacon.
    But was actually POTATO SALAD. Japan you are the best.
  12. I should really have gone out this evening but all this traveling is exhausting!
    I need a holiday 🙃
  13. I'm also way behind on
    But I read all your comments - THANK YOU ❤️
  14. Off to Nagoya tomorrow