Japan Trip 2016: Day 13 Highlights

Hello Nagoya!
  1. Took the Shinkansen to Nagoya
    And there was a Kirimi chan themed ferris wheel outside my hotel. Oh, Japan.
  2. I was pretty tired but I decided to go to Higashiyama botanical garden (and zoo)
    I love their mascot. Is it a pear? Why?
  3. I skipped most of the zoo, but I did check out the koalas
    This is Charlie 🐨💤
  4. Flamingos!
  5. Spent ages in the Rose Garden
    May is a lovely time to visit Japan, with all the roses and azaleas
  6. 😍
  7. Met this guy
  8. It was so humid today that the greenhouse felt no different to outside
    These flowers were ginormous!
  9. Checked out the Kirimi chan cafe
    She's a salmon fillet with a face. The food didn't look that appetising.
  10. Figured I should probably go on that ferris wheel
    It would be rude not to. There wasn't much to see, but it was fun.
  11. Realised there was a Donki across the street
    It's a discount store I've been meaning to visit and it's awesome! Lots of great Pocky and KitKat flavours. I need to go to one when I'm back in Tokyo.
  12. Spent the evening rewatching Futurama
    And deciding what to do tomorrow until the bunny cafe opens. I'm feeling a bit less tired now so hopefully I can get through a lot before I have to go home next week.