Bunnies! 🐰🐰🐰
  1. I didn't want to go too far so I ended up checking out the Science Museum to see if they had any cool space stuff
    There was a rocket outside - good start 🚀
  2. The Astronomy floor was really good
    There were telescopes dotted around so you could get a closer look at models across the other side, like this rotating Moon 🌕
  3. And a cool Solar System model on the ceiling
  4. The rest of the museum was fun too
    The miniature city with trains was my favourite
  5. You could walk over it too
    I took this in a rare moment of calm in between hordes of tiny school kids running around screaming with excitement. It was actually adorable.
  6. Made it to Usagito Cafe!
    I first heard about this place in 2009 so it was so cool to finally visit.
  7. It's a cafe and shop where you can pet bunnies
    These two were really friendly and climbed all over me for treats.
  8. This fluffball is called Kanna-chan
  9. I even got to hold a baby bunny
    Just one month old ❤️
  10. I also had a drink in the cafe
    And I bought a bunny mug, obviously.
  11. Saw a Hello Kitty parking garage
    Why? Does your car get upset waiting in a boring garage?
  12. Took the Shinkansen back to Tokyo
    It's nice to be 'home'.
  13. Spent ages doing laundry
    I think I pressed the wrong buttons this time 😩
  14. But it meant I got to try the hotel's free late night ramen
    Pretty good!
  15. 6 days left!
    Hope you're not getting bored of these...