1. Kind of astonishing I haven't been to Harajuku properly until day 15
    It's so touristy now but still always great fun.
  2. Picked up some bargain gifts in Daiso
    And this mug for me
  3. Ate a savoury crepe like a boring adult
    Last trip I had one containing an entire slice of cheesecake and could barely manage half.
  4. Popped into the Moshi Moshi Box, a kawaii tourist information centre
    The staff were so nice. They had a souvenir stamp so I showed them my collection and we talked about all the places I've visited.
  5. Visited Kiddyland, again
    I needed a new pass case as my trusty Suica penguin broke. Also a highly sought after Kogumachan for my sister
  6. Ate a chocolate bunny cream puff from Nicolas Usagi
    It was so good
  7. Their lunch options are adorable!
    I sometimes wish I had the ability to eat ten meals a day here
  8. Wandered round some other places including the Design Festa gallery
    It was raining on and off all day so I didn't take many photos.
  9. Randomly checked the health app and no wonder I'm so tired!
    One day I climbed 41 flights of stairs 😮
  10. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu posted that she'd be on Music Station tonight so I watched TV for the first time.
    She did a greatest hits medley. AKB48 were on too with the prettiest dresses. Their music is so bland though.
  11. Also there was a feature on a band that was dressed up in rainbow striped lobster costumes.
    UK TV is going to seem so dull.