1. Took the train to Kichijoji
    It's been bumped off our itinerary twice so good to finally get there.
  2. Did some shopping in the huge Yuzawaya craft store
    I used to buy so much fabric in Japan but I haven't used enough of it to justify buying more.
  3. Instead I got a tiny pom pom maker, a bunny pincushion kit, a sashiko sewing pattern and a stamp carving kit.
    New projects! I did not buy these needle felting kits, despite how cute they are.
  4. Had a picnic lunch in Inokashira Park
    Look at the perfectly framed view from my bench.
  5. I had a kare pan
    It's curry wrapped in dough covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried. I want another one!
  6. Found one of the special Muji Cafe & Meal stores
    They sell all kinds of food and drinks in packets. I got some noodles, risotto and cheese biscuits to try.
  7. Stopped off at Nakano Broadway
    It's a shopping centre for collectors. There are hundreds of display cases crammed full of secondhand toys, figurines, trading cards etc. Really fun to wander around.
  8. I've been told I'm not eating enough cake so I bought this from Ginza Cozy Corner
    They packed it with a tiny ice pack to keep it cool. It was super good - the thin layers are crepes.
  9. Back at the hotel I unpacked everything I've bought on this trip to pack it all up better
    It was kind of ridiculous but also awesome.
  10. I went for a little walk around my neighbourhood
    It's really quite pretty for a business district.