Gardens! Rollercoasters! Fancy KitKats!
  1. Had breakfast in Marunouchi
    I ended up in Starbucks but that's my first western meal since I got here so I'm not apologising.
  2. Changed my plans and went to Koishikawa Korakuen
    It was so hot I just wanted to walk around a nice garden
  3. I'm really glad I did!
    It's really beautiful
  4. I've walked hopefully past a few Iris gardens this month and finally one was blooming
    I realised later, this is almost exactly the photo on the front of their brochure.
  5. Wandered over to Tokyo Dome City
    It was totally mobbed. I visited once before with my sister and we went on that ferris wheel.
  6. Yes, the rollercoaster goes through the ferris wheel!
    And through a building!
  7. Randomly saw a performance by Babyraids, an idol group (with a terrible name)
    They had people employed to hold up 'no photos' signs.
  8. Wandered around Roppongi and Ginza for a couple of hours with nothing to show for it
    I did see this pretty artwork at Ginza station
  9. Bought some fancy KitKats
  10. Tried out my instant risotto meal from Muji
    It was pretty good. I'd say they should introduce the food in UK stores, but the last Muji in Scotland closed down years ago 😕
  11. If you're on Instagram, we're doing Day in the Life tomorrow
    So you can watch my day in real time. I'm marcelinesmith there and the hashtag is IGdayinthelife if you want to join in (please do!)