Pandas! 🐼
  1. Wasted half the morning trying to decide what to do
    I remembered last night that I hadn't been to Yokohama yet, but the Cup Noodle museum is closed on Tuesdays so I had to start again.
  2. Eventually I went to Ueno
    There are pandas everywhere 🐼
  3. Spent some of my hoarded ¥100 coins on gashapon
    They make such great little gifts. I got cat bell and bunny dessert charms, tiny Sumikko Gurashi cups, Rilakkuma cable ties and more.
  4. Had lunch in the park
    Panda cookie! I also had a karepan and a pizza-ish chicken thing. I'll miss the bakeries.
  5. Wandered around the rest of the park
    There are a lot of interesting things to see, none of which I photographed...
  6. Went back for the happy cactus
    @boygirlparty was right
  7. Spent ages queuing to buy my ticket for the airport train
  8. Ate some bento
  9. I drank the hassaku ramune too and it was so good
    Like a slightly sour orange 😋
  10. Last day tomorrow!
    Which will mostly involve packing and staring at the countdown until online check in opens, but I should get out for a bit.