Japan Trip 2016: Day 2 Highlights

I didn't plan to spend an entire day in Odaiba but I was having too much fun to leave.
  1. Design Festa!
    Huge art/craft event. It was so awesome. I think I got round 2/3 of the stalls in 3.5 hours and then my brain was overloaded with inspiration. It's quite overwhelming.
  2. I didn't take that many photos as it was so busy.
    Here's some bears I didn't buy. Wait until you see all the things I did buy!
  3. Odaiba is so tacky and ludicrous. I love it.
    e.g. giant Gundam
  4. Pawed everything in Kiddyland
    I will be investing in sea otter Rilakkuma merchandise at some point 😍
  5. Send more money - I found Neko Atsume gashapon!
    I kept going until I got Conductor Whiskers but I think I need them all.
  6. Curry udon for dinner
    Pretty good for a food court
  7. Looked at all the illuminations.
    The Fuji TV building does a whole music and light show, which I watched for ages. There's a video on my Instagram.
  8. I haven't decided what I'm doing tomorrow - wait and see!