Japan Trip 2016: Day 3 Highlights

Quieter day today
  1. Bought some awesome gifts in Character Street, part of Tokyo Station
    It has dedicated shops for all the famous characters with exclusive stuff.
  2. Revisited Meiji Shrine
    I love all the design details
  3. Spent even longer in the garden
    It was so beautiful today
  4. Accidentally committed myself to standing in a very long queue to see Kiyomasa's well
    I didn't realise how long it was, or that there would be a uniformed guard there to direct everyone individually to admire and photograph it. The water was indeed exceptionally clear!
  5. Photographed the hell out of the amazing flower displays in Yoyogi Park
  6. Ate a kitty donut from Floresta!
    I was planning to get the limited edition Rascal raccoon donut but I couldn't resist the kitty. The actual donuts are pretty average but SO CUTE!
  7. Met Rascal himself!
    Yeah, I look crazy. Thanks random stranger I forced my camera on.
  8. Hama Rikyu tomorrow, I think!