Japan Trip 2016: Day 4 Highlights

Gardens! Ghibli! Other things that don't start with a G!
  1. My first proper look at the Sky Tree
    It's less dominating than I expected.
  2. Finally got to try Mister Donut
    Their signature pon de ring is great. The honey churro was average.
  3. Took a cruise down the Sumida River
    In this cute old boat. It was full of old ladies who spent the whole journey dashing around the boat to take photos from every angle!
  4. Wandered around Hama-rikyu gardens
    It's so pretty! You can't take a bad photo there.
  5. Met this guy
    A Little Egret. Also a tiny bird wrestling with a giant centipede 😐
  6. Got my first new souvenir stamp!
    See my previous list: MY SOUVENIR STAMPS FROM JAPAN
  7. Found the Ghibli clock
    After trudging round a load of walkways. It's huge and really cool. Makes up a bit for the Ghibli museum being closed.
  8. Did some shopping in Ginza
    I bought a t-shirt in Uniqlo and some postcards in the super swanky refurbished Itoya paper and stationery store.
  9. Went back out later for a look around Tokyu Hands
    AKA the greatest shop in the world. It sells everything, including self-watering planters and some ghost food clips I never knew I needed and bought immediately.
  10. Tired myself out so much I didn't have time to list! Not going to do much today.