Rest day-ish
  1. I slept in super late today. It was great!
    I'm really loving that I don't have to rush around constantly. I'm here for 3 weeks so I need to pace myself and also take time to write and draw for future projects.
  2. I had a melon pan for breakfast
    It's bread that looks like a melon and is a bit sugary on top.
  3. Saw these donuts on my way through Tokyo station and nearly died of the cuteness!
    😍🍩❤️ It was a really good donut too. I'm definitely going back to try more flavours.
  4. Found Neko Atsume UFO catcher prizes
    I need to try this once I see something super awesome. I read a lot of tips before I left.
  5. It was raining so I went to Ikebukuro to do some shopping at Sunshine City
    It's a massive building with multiple malls, observatory, planetarium, aquarium, Egyptian museum, food theme park and probably more I've forgotten.
  6. Pokemon Center
    My cousin sent me a big wish list. I was a bit out of my depth as I haven't played for years. I got lots of street passes on my DS!
  7. This is my favourite store: Passport
    Some of my very favourite possessions are from this store - it's so cute and cheap. I got one of the lying down cat pillows for the flight home.
  8. Not much else to report
    But guess where we're going tomorrow!!